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Beginning a remodel | Orlando Kitchen Remodel

  Here in Central Florida, an Orlando Kitchen remodel is an amazing home improvement project that will improve the aesthetic value of your kitchen and the general appearance of your home. Homeowners turn to kitchen remodeling to get new appliances for the kitchen, change the theme of the kitchen or to create a haven of(…)

Remodel Ideas for Small Bathrooms| Altamonte Springs Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling a small bathroom may seem difficult but with clever design, you can transform your bathroom in ways you never imagined. A bathroom should be neat, comfortable and meet all your needs. Large and small bathrooms can be remodeled to make them more attractive, efficient and organized. Every design element in a small a bathroom(…)

Tips and Tricks|Orlando Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Tips and Tricks|Orlando Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

If you live in the Orlando area and are looking for a kitchen or bath remodel, look no further than Kitchen and Bath Plus, a premier Orlando Kitchen and Bath Remodeling service. Kitchen and bath remodeling can add tremendous value to homes and also make for a more comfortable living situation. If a home is(…)

The Love of Stainless Steel & Where it Came From | Orlando Kitchens

You have probably noticed how stainless steel appliances have taken over the modern kitchen and stainless steel pots, pans and utensils are the most common form of cookware. So why exactly is stainless steel or popular? First, let’s talk about what stainless steal is. Stainless steels are iron alloys with a minimum of 10.5% chromium.(…)

Taking Care of new Kitchen Flooring | Altamonte Springs Flooring

Most of the people go out of their way to ensure that their kitchens are well kept. It is not so easy for others as they do not know the best ways to take of the different kitchen floors that are offered by companies such as Altamonte Springs Flooring. Such floors include laminate, Vinyl, wood, tiled(…)

Creative Kitchen Remodeling Design Ideas for Small Kitchens | Altamonte Springs Remodeler

The kitchen, as a hub of the family home, is the place to cook, gather, eat, do homework, and share special family moments. When space is at a premium, however, it requires careful and ingenious planning to create a multifunctional yet aesthetically appealing kitchen. Below are proven remodeling tips that will guide you on how to(…)

How Much Value Does a Bathroom Remodel Add To Your Home? | Kitchen & Bath Plus in Altamonte Springs FL

How Much Value Does a Bathroom Remodel Add To Your Home? | Kitchen & Bath Plus in Altamonte Springs FL

Remodeling a bathroom is one of the most popular home improvement projects. It’s clear that you can add significant value and convenience to your home by remodeling a bathroom. However, most people are unaware of how much value bathroom remodeling adds to the overall equity in a home. This amount varies due to the circumstances surrounding each(…)