Bathroom Vanities: Four Ways to Get the Most Out of Your New Vanity

Bathroom VanitiesWhen it comes to bathroom vanities, your options are practically endless. If you’ve been browsing through bathroom vanities for your new bathroom and want to make sure you make the right choice, there are several guidelines you should follow.

  1. Placement – When you’re choosing a spot in your bathroom for your new vanity, select an area that won’t block the shower door, entry door, or the general traffic flow of the room. You should also select a place where cabinets above the vanity can be installed easily, if desired, without obstructing existing windows.
  2. Materials – When you are picking out a countertop for your vanity, avoid anything that includes grout that will be hard to clean. If you’re redoing the floors in your bathroom as well, select the vanity top first. It is much easier to find tile that matches a unique vanity top than the other way around.
  3. Storage – Think about what you use in your bathroom on a daily basis and how much you have stored in your current vanity. Once you’ve decided on a vanity, one general guideline to go by is to include 20% more storage space than you think you’ll actually need.
  4. Size – Bathroom vanities are often the focal point of any bathroom. Make sure the vanity you pick makes sense for the size of your bathroom. For example, if you are redoing a smaller, hallway bathroom, you should avoid a vanity that will take up the whole room.

Considering your storage needs, the size of the bathroom, and the area where you will install the vanity will ensure your happiness with this bathroom feature long-term.


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