Creative Kitchen Remodeling Design Ideas for Small Kitchens | Altamonte Springs Remodeler


The kitchen, as a hub of the family home, is the place to cook, gather, eat, do homework, and share special family moments. When space is at a premium, however, it requires careful and ingenious planning to create a multifunctional yet aesthetically appealing kitchen. Below are proven remodeling tips that will guide you on how to make the best of your small kitchen space.

• Efficiently Use Corners

Corners often offer plenty of usable space which, unfortunately, many people do not put into proper use. For example, microwaves on the counter hog a lot of space. Instead of placing them on the table, you can integrate them into the corner cabinet design. You may also use the corner kitchen cabinet for built-in appliances such as an oven. Or, you may transfer your cooking zone to the corner of the kitchen so as to not only save on limited space but also to have easy access to counter spaces near the corner. Furthermore, the corner is such a fantastic place for the hood.

What more can you do with your kitchen corners to free up some kitchen space? You may consider placing a sink in the corner of the kitchen, or you can introduce Lazy Susans to the corner kitchen cabinets. Lazy Susans are an excellent idea because they will permit you to browse and remove an item you need even if it is all the way back in the drawer. Alternatively, you can opt for pull-out shelves in the corner of your lower cabinets. The pull-out shelves eliminate the trouble of futilely groping for an item in the dark.

There are so many other ways you can remodel your kitchen so as to effectively and to the maximum utilize the corner spaces, otherwise called the dead spaces.

• Find Forgotten or Hidden Space

Besides the corners, are there any other areas of your kitchen that you might be forgetting? If there are any, they can produce some storage space to earn their keep. For example, you may introduce a warming drawer or wine storage to the kitchen island. Or, you can slip a spice rack into virtually any available sliver.

• Hanging Some Things

If your kitchen is bursting at the seams and you want to fit all your cooking accouterments in the teeny-tiny kitchen, then there is plenty of room available on the wall, under the cabinet, behind the door, etc.

When you have little cabinet space, some things will be difficult to store. You can make use of unused space by keeping pot lids under the kitchen cabinet, hung on hooks. All you’ll need are a few hooks screwed into place under the top cabinets, and you will have your pot lids easily stored. You can also free up precious kitchen space by mounting your knife rack under the cabinet. Or you can use a magnetic strip for hanging knives on the wall.

• Introduce a Rolling Rack to the Kitchen

Adding a rolling cart to the kitchen is another ingenious way to free up space in a small kitchen. You can wheel out the rolling cart when you need more counter space, or you can slide the rolling cart to the side when you do not require more counter space.

• A Kitchen Island

If you can carve out some space for a kitchen island, then go for it. Kitchen islands provide plenty of the required workspace as well as functioning as a place to eat if you’ll need to eat in the kitchen. If you choose to remodel your kitchen to accommodate a kitchen island, then opt for an island with room underneath to stash sitting stools when they are not in use.

But in case your kitchen does not provide enough footprint for an island, you should rethink or remodel your counter. A little jut away from the wall, for example, can increase the workspace available in your small kitchen.

• Small But Mighty Appliances

Another way to free up kitchen space is to procure powerful appliances with small footprint; small appliances that do not sacrifice in style.

• Custom Cutting Surface that Fits over Sink or Stove Top

You can also consider purchasing a custom cutting surface that fits over your stove top or sink so as to save space in your small kitchen.

• Contact an Altamonte Springs Remodeling Contractor

Many remodelers can change the outlook of your kitchen for the better in a snap. You can contract the services of an Altamonte Springs Remodeling contractor to transform both the style and function of your kitchen.