Kitchen Cabinets: Make Them Your Own

Kitchen Cabinets: Make them Your OwnWith so many different options for wood cabinetry, you can use your kitchen cabinets to reflect your style. One fun way to change up the look in your kitchen is to use mismatched types of wood. As long as the wood is complementary to the other types, it can provide a look that is truly one-of–a-kind. Some people choose to use reclaimed wood, such as recycled crates and pallets. With a quick coat of stain or paint, you can match the colors to hues found in your kitchen. Another twist on wood cabinetry is a more modern look with floating kitchen cabinets. It draws on Italian inspiration, with wall-mounted cabinets that float on various walls of the kitchen.

If you like a more traditional feel, check out options for storybook cabinets, which really aren’t cabinets at all. Instead, they are open shelving with space to store dishes, food, and other cookware. Glass-front wood cabinetry with minimalist and modern touches allows you to see what is behind each cabinet door. A more rustic option is to use aged wood for your kitchen cabinets, which complements homes with exposed beams.

Instead of sticking with the traditional color of your wood cabinetry, start painting and recreate the feel of the kitchen. If you have an island with cabinets, you might just paint that portion in a complementary color to the other aspects of your kitchen. Or you can select a few colors that look great with your countertops and backsplash, and alternate between the cabinets.


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