Beginning a remodel | Orlando Kitchen Remodel


Here in Central Florida, an Orlando Kitchen remodel is an amazing home improvement project that will improve the aesthetic value of your kitchen and the general appearance of your home. Homeowners turn to kitchen remodeling to get new appliances for the kitchen, change the theme of the kitchen or to create a haven of cooking space in their home, among many other reasons. For whatever reason that you wish to remodel your kitchen, these few tips will certainly come in handy for giving you results you love.

Professional remodeling

DIY projects may be fun and interesting to some extent but a full Orlando kitchen remodel requires the skills of a professional. Employing the services of a professional kitchen remodel company assures you a reliablel and hassle-free experience. A professional team employs certain essential steps in giving you the kitchen of your dreams. They will visit your home and first get an overview of the space in terms of measurements, possible themes, colors and materials to be used. As a homeowner, it is important to carry out extensive research about the most credible kitchen remodeling companies to be assured of exemplary services.

Kitchen colors

There are several colors in the spectrum that are suitable for different types of kitchens. When it comes to picking the most suitable colors for your kitchen, a few factors are put into consideration. You should consider the theme of your house or the expected theme for your kitchen, the size of your kitchen and the lighting in your home in terms of natural and artificial lighting.

A small sized kitchen works best with light and bright colors such as white and soft pastels such as blue. A large kitchen will work best with a contrast of light and dark bold colors in order to eliminate the feeling of emptiness in the room. Bright colors create an illusion of space due to the enhanced illumination of light on the surfaces in the kitchen.


During your Orlando kitchen remodel project, it is important to take note of the amount of storage space you need. Cabinets create enough storage space for your food items and spices in order to bring a sense of organization and neatness to your space. Cabinets may run all through your kitchen walls according to your preference and even more in your pantry if you have one.

Cabinets come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. The material chosen for your cabinets affects the theme of your kitchen by complementing it or contrasting against it for a dramatic effect. Cabinets are made out of different materials ranging from metal to wood, with wooden cabinets being the most favored options. Wooden cabinets may take the form of solid wood, reclaimed wood, wood veneer and plywood panel. Choose a material that will fit your theme, your kitchen space, and your budget. Check out the many cabinets from Kitchen and Bath Plus here!


Surfaces such as countertops and backsplashes have a huge effect on the face value of the kitchen. The most preferred materials for countertops in Orlando kitchen remodel projects are granite and marble. These two products give surfaces a rich feel while their durability and functionality extend the life of their preference. The durability of these products is also evident in the fact that they survive the volatile trends in the home improvement industry hence assuring you functionality over a long period of time.

Accessories and appliances

Your kitchen remodeling project is not complete without the little accents such as appliances and accessories. Kitchen accessories such as knobs and handles on cabinets accentuate the end result of the remodel. Your accessories may blend in with your theme or they may stand out as statement pieces that define your personality.

Kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, and dishwashers are the cherry on the sundae for any kitchen. Modern kitchen designs seem to favor stainless steel appliances that tend to blend into most kitchen themes without looking too futuristic. Ensure that you pick highly durable and functional appliances during your remodel. Take specific measurements of your space before purchasing new appliances in order to ensure everything fits perfectly at the end of the project.

Taking up an Orlando kitchen remodel project is a bold step that needs to be undertaken with utmost professionalism to assure homeowners results they can count on.