After Your Kitchen Remodeling Project, Include These 5 Things When You Remodel a Spare Room

For many homeowners, completing a kitchen remodeling project is their first priority. If you recently redid your kitchen and are looking for another remodeling project to take on, why not turn your spare room into a space to entertain, relax, and hang out with your kids?

Unlike a kitchen remodeling project, your spare room is probably a blank slate where you have complete freedom to include what you want. To make this space comfortable and enjoyable, you will want to include these five things:

  1. Comfortable Seating. If you have an old couch hiding out in your garage or want to purchase a large reclining sofa, your spare room is the perfect place to put it.
  2. An Entertainment System. Your spare room is a great place for your family to gather and watch a movie together.
  3. Storage. Most homeowners wish they had more storage space. Use this remodeling project to your advantage and include an extra storage room or some shelves in the plans.
  4. An Extra Bathroom. Having an extra bathroom down in your spare room will make the space more convenient and also turn it into a space where you can put guests up for the night.
  5. A Wet Bar. Even if you don’t include any of these other four things in your spare room remodeling plans, make sure your spare room has a wet bar. Putting a wet bar in your spare room is one of the best ways to make this area of your home prime for entertaining.

After you’ve finished your last kitchen remodeling project, don’t let your remodeling efforts stop there and transform your spare room into a place that you and your family can enjoy.

kitchen remodeling - wet bar

kitchen remodeling project - wet bar


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