If You Are Considering a Kitchen Renovation with Semi-Custom Cabinetry, Contact Kitchen & Bath Plus in Altamonte Springs FL

Semi-Custom Cabinetry, Altamonte Springs, FLSemi-custom cabinetry can be the perfect way to make a small kitchen more functional and really let you get the most out of your cooking space. As with every kitchen, the goal is to have the most counter space possible, and semi-custom cabinetry can help you use more of your available space for appliances, dishes, and cookware without the expense of fully custom cabinetry. Here are four tips about semi-custom cabinetry that will really help your kitchen:

  1. Think Quality, Not Quantity. The number of cabinets you have is not as important as the quality of the semi-custom cabinetry. Avoid large, ill-fitting cabinetry; you want your kitchen to be light, open, and with only a few of well-thought-out cabinets.
  2. Think Bright. White is a universally acceptable color for making spaces look bigger. Don’t load dark cabinetry into a small space. Instead, opt for lighter colored cabinets with dark accents to really make your small kitchen look bigger.
  3. Use Symmetry to Your Advantage. Keep your semi-custom cabinetry simple and elegant. That way, it will remain timeless throughout the years. Keep wall cabinetry the same size whenever possible, and know that drawer cabinets look their best when they are large and expansive. Aim to keep the look of your semi-custom cabinetry consistent.
  4. Open the Space Up. Some of the most functional kitchens have sensible, open layouts. If you can fit one, incorporate a kitchen island into your design and knock a wall out to the next room. An island can create a sense of separation while still maintaining an open concept and create useable space for the whole family.

If you are considering a kitchen renovation with semi-custom cabinetry, contact Kitchen & Bath Plus in Altamonte Springs, Florida! We specialize in custom kitchen design, sitting with our clients one-on-one to carry them through the renovation from start to finish. We know how important your kitchen space can be, and that’s why we want to help you design semi-custom cabinetry that will be both functional and beautiful for many years to come!