Remodel Ideas for Small Bathrooms| Altamonte Springs Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling a small bathroom may seem difficult but with clever design, you can transform your bathroom in ways you never imagined. A bathroom should be neat, comfortable and meet all your needs. Large and small bathrooms can be remodeled to make them more attractive, efficient and organized. Every design element in a small a bathroom should have a purpose and prove to be functional in one way or another. In this article we will provide remodel ideas from our company, Kitchen Bath Plus, an Altamonte Springs bathroom remodel service. Hopefully these ideas will excite and motivate you to remodel your small bathroom for better usability and design.

Altamonte Springs Bathroom Remodel

  1. Be functional

Functionality is very important for a small bathroom. The main reason why many people with small bathrooms don’t have enough space is because they have unnecessary features that take up a lot of space. A small bathroom needs to be functional, meaning that everything in the bathroom needs to be useful. One very important step that you need to undertake in order to create space is eliminating things you don’t use and only leave those that are functional. You will create more space, and also be more organized. The number one thing you want to avoid in any room is clutter.

  1. Consider a corner sink

Installing a corner sink can be a great remodeling idea for those with small bathrooms. Most people with small bathrooms don’t utilize their corners well, which is a factor that makes space limited. A corner sink will save a significant amount of space and has a unique style that will make your bathroom look attractive. You can also include a storage drawer right below the corner sink to store important bathrooms items. Remodeling with a corner sink and storage below will free up desired space in the bathroom for other features.

  1. Convert your tub to shower

We’re sorry to say but it doesn’t make sense installing a bathtub in a bathroom that has limited space. People who don’t typically take baths are wasting a 5 foot by 2 1/2 foot area. If you don’t take baths it’s a smart idea to convert your tub into a shower. However if you do take baths and must keep your bathtub or install one, carefully research different size tubs.

  1. Ensure that your bathroom is well lit

Did you know that a well-lit bathroom usually appears to be bigger than one that is not? A major remodeling suggestion for those with small bathrooms is to install the right amount of lighting. A well-lit bathroom makes it appear bigger than it is plus it will eliminate unflattering shadows thus making it easier to shave or apply makeup.

  1. Install a stylish mirror

Just like lights, a stylish mirror can also make a bathroom look larger than it is. To make your bathroom look unique, you could install a stylish mirror that stands out from others. One beautiful framed mirror over a sink is actually more attractive than having many surfaces of the bathroom covered with mirror. You can also consider installing a light mirror in your shower stall.

  1. Add floating shelves

Instead of stuffing your accessories in cabinets, you can actually showcase them on open shelves. This will not only create more space by eliminating large unwanted pieces of furniture but will add warmth and playful color to your space. Floating shelves are also a very stylish design and will add space to your bathroom in a very fashionable way.

  1. Plan your palette

When painting your bathroom, don’t forget to plan your color palette. You should use neutral colors when painting your bathroom to make it aesthetically pleasing and calm. To add creativity and depth, use patterns and textures.

  1. Ventilation

Ventilation is a very important factor to consider when remodeling your bathroom, especially if your bathroom has limited space. Moisture buildup can result in mold and mildew formation, which can cause serious health risk and also make your bathroom look dirty. Ventilation is so important because you need to ensure that the flow of air in and out of your bathroom is sufficient to prevent moisture buildup.


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