Tips for Organizing Your Wood Cabinets

Tips for Organizing Your Wood CabinetsAfter you’ve had new wood cabinets installed in your kitchen, you may have more storage space for your appliances and dishes than you know what to do with. While this is usually a good thing, it can turn into a problem if you don’t organize things correctly. To get the most out of your new wood cabinets, follow these tips:

  • Create stations. Model your kitchen after a restaurant. For example, there’s probably a place in your kitchen that you do specific things, like washing dishes, cutting vegetables, and mixing together baking items. Store items in your kitchen according to these stations so that everything you need for a certain task is all in one place.
  • Put things in arm’s reach. If you’re shorter than six feet tall, you may have a hard time getting to all of your wood cabinets. To make things easier, put things that you use regularly like spices and pots and pans, in your bottom cabinets, and things that you don’t use very often, like the fondue set you got for your wedding, near the top.
  • Take it a step further. If you’ve got all your silverware in one drawer but don’t have a silverware divider, the result can be a little bit frustrating. Take the time to purchase storage bins and other organizing tools to make finding things in your wood cabinets easy and convenient.

By following these three tips, you’ll be pleased by both the way your new wood cabinets look and function in your remodeled kitchen.


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