How to Use Wood Cabinetry throughout Your Home

How to Use Wood Cabinetry throughout Your HomeWood cabinetry is useful in many of the rooms in your home, and it can add a nice feel to the space. Some types of cabinets are relatively inexpensive, so they provide function without adding a lot of extra cost. Consider attaching wood cabinetry above the couch in the living room to create storage space, or add cabinets to your craft room, and neatly store your scrapbooking, jewelry making, and other hobby supplies out of sight.

If you have children, their toys might be taking over every room in the house. Use wood cabinetry to create cupboards or shelves in a playroom or bedroom, so it’s easy to see what toys they have, yet it still maintains a polished and organized feel. Instead of installing shelves above your washer and dryer, which often become packed and cluttered, use cabinets, so you can keep your supplies out of sight yet still easy to reach.

An outdoor kitchen becomes more functional during the warm Florida summers if you add cabinets. Make sure to check with a professional before selecting the type of wood, since some types will hold up better against the elements.

A garage is another great place for wood cabinetry; mounted over a workbench, cabinets can house tools, supplies, and just about anything else needed for a new project. It’s also helpful to have cabinets in bathrooms, since it allows you to store extra towels and toiletries for easy access, but you don’t have to fill up the counters.


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