If You Are Looking for an Affordable and Beautiful Alternative to Custom or Stock Cabinetry, Consider Semi-Custom Cabinetry from Kitchen & Bath Plus in Altamonte Springs, FL.

semi custom cabinetryIf you have ever shopped for kitchen cabinets, you might have heard the terms “semi-custom cabinetry”, “custom cabinetry”, and “stock cabinetry” thrown around. Stock cabinetry comes pre-built in specific sizes, and you or your contractor will order the pieces that best fit in your space. This often results in space between the cupboards and the wall, since the pieces were not designed to specifically fit in your kitchen. Custom cabinetry is built to fit your exact specifications, so it results in a one-of-a-kind look that cannot be replicated. However, custom cabinetry is very expensive and it takes a lot of time to build, install, sand, and finish the cabinets.

Semi-custom cabinetry is a great alternative that fits in between the two options. When you choose this option, a contractor will come into your home to take measurements and draw up a plan. From there, the cabinets are built, but they have specific constraints, so they aren’t completely customized for each person. The result is a kitchen that looks more unique and put-together than one with stock cabinets, and is also sturdier and higher-quality.

The builders of semi-custom cabinetry will often give you options, such as types of wood and hardware, and you can choose the look you like best. They are a great choice if you have spaces in which stock cabinets just won’t work, or if you prefer the look of a custom job on a cheaper budget. Kitchen & Bath Plus, located in Altamonte Springs, Florida, offers semi-custom cabinetry at fair prices. Contact us today for more information!